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my Fish 3D Virtual Aquarium (Gold Edition) app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 5312 ratings )
Lifestyle Entertainment
Developer: Useless Creations Pty Ltd
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.5, last update: 11 months ago
First release : 04 Feb 2009
App size: 21.86 Mb

A load of new marine life can now be added to your aquarium! Including:
- Sea Turtle
- Octopus
- Orca
- Dolphin
- Jellyfish
- Stingray
- Seahorse

Plus all the fish species and sharks that are already available in the best 3D virtual aquarium on the app store!


my Fish 3D Interactive Aquarium is a fully customizable, totally interactive, completely 3D, aquarium simulator for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that you just have to see in motion to truly appreciate!

- DOWNLOAD NEW FISH SPECIES AND OBJECTS! Connect to the net, select the new fish species or objects you want, and within seconds theyre inside your aquarium. Couldnt be easier!

- Highly detailed, realistic, totally real-time 3D fish models! You can view them from any angle because its all real time 3D. Even their eyes move as they look around! Theres nothing flat or pre-rendered here!

- A fully customizable, 3D aquarium for your fish to swim in! Rotate and position 3D decorations in your fish tank the way you want, then let your fish swim around them. Because its all 3D you can move through your aquarium however you like!

- Name your fish and keep track of your new friends, or have random fish populating your tank. Its up to you!

- Dont forget to FEED YOUR FISH! They may start small, but keep them fed and happy and theyll grow up big and strong!

- Virtual water means you can keep all kinds of fish together in your 3D aquarium! So mix your gold fish with your guppies with no problems!

- 3D sound! Some objects shoot bubbles, and as you move around youll hear then in 3D.

- Clock and screen saver mode so you can leave it as a tranquil display while your iPad, iPhone or iPod is charging! Makes a nice night light, too. :)

- Like the app? Its based on the 3D Desktop Aquarium Screensaver for Mac and Windows, available from

- Want more info? Got some feedback? Head to the website:

- Enjoy the relaxation of an aquarium in your pocket! Play with it and have fun! (Remember guys, its not meant to be a game, its a beautiful 3D aquarium in your pocket!)

Pros and cons of my Fish 3D Virtual Aquarium (Gold Edition) app for iPhone and iPad

my Fish 3D Virtual Aquarium (Gold Edition) app good for

What is the point of an aquarium anyway? This is great - nice views from many perspectives. I like it!
Nice app. Good graphics. Suggestions for improvement: 1) Feeding sometimes works, sometimes doesnt. 2) The camera panning the view is sometimes nice, but can be annoying. Have an optional control to keep a static view. (like a real aquarium.)
Quite a few different fish and decorations available to download, including several Christmas decorations. Fish are quite realistic in look and movement.
I think there should be a little tutorial on this game and can it be like when they grow up you sell them and can you level up and add more content also instead of having a capacity of fishes expand the tank with your money and then you can fit more fish and decor please put this in the future update and thx for the great game :D
I had fun with this in the beginning but now dont use it... Would be great if it could be used as animated lock screen!! Maybe in the future??
I cant get a fish so this is my substitute which is better because there exotic!!!!!!

Some bad moments

If I had gotten this for free I would have been dissapointed, I bought it for 2.99 and feel ripped off - no sound for ipod touch - feeding rarely works, unless you want to pull a muscel shaking it to death and even then, its tuff -graphics have tons of room for improvement overall boring, and unnecessary If your looking for a aquariam/ fish app, check out Koi Pond, well worth .99 compared to this rip off
For some reason it wont let me download anything, when i click the download icon it just shuts the app down. :(
I have downloaded a lot better free apps. I paid only 99cents for it - but I expected brighter colors and much more options. Directions are not easy to set as screen saver. Only option is to leave app open.
The game is OK. I suggest you get more fish to download and more props. Other than that it is pretty fun and cool.
Not good I give it zero stars because all you do is dump a cookie in milk the milk looks cute though.:(
Not iPad friendly. Only displays menu in portrait. My iPad keyboard case doesnt function standing up on end. Please fix.

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